Introducing Rivet™

The New Way to Get It All Done

The Rivet™ SaaS Platform is a business partner management solution that minimizes the complexity, time, and expense associated with unproductive and costly business processes.

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The Old Way

The Old Way of doing business is clunky, slow, and expensive. From Excel process checklists and endless email chains to data entry forms left unchecked and manually scanning documents, these antiquated systems hold your business back from thriving. Until Now.

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  • Informal process are mismanaged by multiple departments with no clear ownership.
  • Duplicate entry of data received via email, fax, spreadsheets, and snail mail.
  • Documents and forms that are manually collected are easily forgotten or lost.
  • Continuous follow-up with stakeholders wastes valuable time and resources.
  • Data collected in multiple, often unusable formats.
  • Patchwork solutions rarely solve the problem, and their user fees are expensive.

The Rivet™ Way

The Rivet™ SaaS platform provides seamless, repeatable, and intuitive solutions that streamline and automate previously unproductive and costly tasks. How does the Rivet™ solution modernize your business management processes?

new way
  • Documents, forms, and data are seamlessly collected in consistent formats.
  • A formalized process does not require a manager and improves partner response times.
  • Rapid ROI is achieved through labor savings alone.
  • A single platform houses all your business partnership processes and associated documents and data.
  • Complete, incomplete, and at-risk tasks are automatically flagged to key stakeholders.
  • A unique pricing model eliminates user fees so you only pay for what you use.

Infinitely Configurable, Instantly Valuable

The Rivet™ SaaS platform is designed to be highly configurable so it can easily adapt to your unique business partner management challenges. Our blueprints make it easy to get started building the workflow of your dreams, putting your ideas and work into immediate action to realize savings quicker.


Future solution blueprints would include guidance on employee onboarding, social compliance, contract management, and supplier onboarding

Supplier Onboarding,
Made Easy

The Rivet™ SaaS platform is the perfect solution to help you achieve rapid speed-to-shelf while maintaining the agility and accuracy your business needs to thrive.

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“Efficient supplier onboarding is a significant opportunity for retailers and suppliers alike to dramatically reduce both time and costs in the retail supply chain.”
Kim ZablockyFounder & CEO, Retail Value Chain Federation

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