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Customer complaints are an unavoidable and disruptive part of your business. No matter the events that led to the complaint, your job is to address it, mitigate the damage, and prevent recurring instances. This requires an efficient customer corrective action process. 

Traditional customer corrective action processes are difficult and expensive and rely on labor-intensive and low-tech approaches. Update your process with the Rivet™ Customer Corrective Action blueprint so you can automate and standardize your resolution process, better understand and correct the underlying cause, and reduce costs.

What makes customer corrective action so difficult?

Customer complaints are always urgent, yet resolving them quickly and satisfactorily is challenging. Corrective action typically involves multiple departments, often across multiple companies, including Customer Service, Vendor Relations, Quality Control, Distribution Centers, Legal, Accounting, and Vendors. Of course, coordination and communication across these departments are also incredibly challenging. Ensuring these disparate parties — and their disparate systems — are successfully connected is time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. Back and forth over email, spreadsheets, and voicemails drags down the process and lacks the data and accountability required for an effective customer corrective action process.  

What do these difficulties cost your business?

Disruptions are expensive by nature. When it comes to the customer corrective action process, individuals across your organization must work together to identify the customer’s problem, formulate corrective action, execute it, and communicate the steps taken internally and to the customer. This time-consuming process also comes with an opportunity cost, as your employees are prevented from performing normal productive activities. Beyond the costs of managing a corrective action, you also face other risks, including damaged customer relationships and a damaged brand.

Rivet™ can automate your customer corrective action processes

Rivet is a business process automation solution that combines technology and professional services to automate previously manual and ad hoc business processes. It is a single platform that replaces email, spreadsheets, task management software, and the other technologies and manual processes you use today. Combined with any of our numerous Partner Management blueprints, Rivet can provide a made-to-measure automated solution that addresses all of your business process management challenges. 

The Rivet Customer Corrective Action Blueprint

The Rivet Customer Corrective Action blueprint helps you to resolve customer complaints efficiently and promptly. It provides you with the tracking and reporting you need to ensure that all corrective action communications, both internal and external, are accurate and prompt. The blueprint also reduces your reliance on duplicative documents and processes by storing all relevant content — documents, images, PDFs,— in one central place. It also establishes a workflow that engages everyone with a role in the corrective action process and adds visibility, next steps, alerts, and accountability to your corrective action process. The blueprint includes a dashboard that gives everyone visibility into the progress of each corrective action and develops summaries and detailed reports for senior management.

Customer Corrective Action Blueprint ROI

The Traverse Systems Customer Corrective Action blueprint adds visibility and accountability to a process vital to your business's profitability. It offers significant labor savings and improves response and Time to Resolution (TTR) by eliminating your traditional reliance on spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. By establishing a more efficient Customer Corrective Action workflow, you significantly reduce your standard time to complaint resolution, reducing expenses and preserving valuable customer relationships. The blueprint also streamlines communications upstream to your vendors, downstream to your customers, and proactively to other customers with the same issue. It generates a single source of truth that keeps everyone on the same page and offers definitive assignments, guidance, and alerts. With Rivet, customer complaints are analyzed and handled quickly and efficiently, allowing your people to focus on more valuable tasks in your business.

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