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Retail Onboarding and Annual Requirements

Retailer onboarding processes are complicated and time-consuming, requiring input and sign-off from a variety of departments and contacts — and the process can repeat numerous times for each customer as they work with new departments. Keeping track of changes throughout the year to retailer requirements is a challenging process, especially when every retailer has different criteria to meet.

The Rivet™ Retailer Onboarding & Annual Requirements blueprint streamlines these processes so you deliver the highest level of customer service to new and existing customers. House all of your retailer’s important documents in one place, from requirements and payment and non-payment terms to audit paths, retailer profile information, and more. With Rivet tasks do not fall to the bottom of someone’s inbox. With the Customer Onboarding blueprint, Rivet will automatically manage:

Rivet automatically manages:

  • Each retailer’s unique requests for onboarding and annual requirements
  • The assignment of tasks at each stage of the process with expected completion dates
  • The collection of information with multiple approval cycles and levels 
  • The redlining, review, and approval of documents
  • Easily update and integrate new requirements with your customers

With Rivet’s dashboards, everyone involved in the process knows the status of every task, bringing visibility and accountability to the entire process. When problems arise (they always do), you can seamlessly nip them in the bud. Getting set up is easy.

With Rivet, ensure that every new retailer is onboarded correctly, handle annual changes seamlessly, and guarantee that you and your customer have the information required for success.

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