Supply Chain & Order Management

Order and Exceptions Processing

Handling exceptions in the order process involves a variety of departments, from vendor relations and purchasing to shipping and distribution. Managing this process with spreadsheets and email is time intensive and inefficient. Our Rivet™ Order and Exceptions Processing blueprint streamlines communication and increases efficiency by bringing industry standard processes to your: 

  • Over, short, and damaged items (OS&Ds)
  • Return to vendor items (RTVs)
  • Trouble Processing
  • Purchase Order (PO) Expedite Processing

With Rivet, you gain complete visibility over the order and exceptions process, including who is working on resolving the issue, what stage of the process it’s in, and how long resolution has been happening. Eliminate the bottlenecks associated with manual input through the seamless handling of order prioritization, accuracy assurance, and exceptions management.

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